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Launch your startup with no mistakes!

YEP! Incubator is a program for startup founders in the idea and pre-MVP stage, which will help validate the idea, structure their work, and avoid common mistakes.


About the incubator

In the YEP incubation program, we have been helping startups validate ideas and build a scalable business model together with experts from the startup community for 7 years.


Since 2016, more than 500 early-stage teams have passed our incubation. Alumni of the last two years alone have raised more than 1 million dollars from investors and donors, and continue to develop their products in the US and European markets.

Stages of the program

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Stage 1 (3-4 weeks)

Online incubation on the YEP platform

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Organize basic knowledge for product development

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Work on the weak sides of your startup

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Get a structured one-pager and pitch deck

Ideation & LEAN approach
Problem-solution fit
Customer development

Stage 2 (up to 3 months)

Mentor feedback and meetups with founders

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Learn from experienced professionals

Get mentor feedback on your product

Take the best out of networking with the startup community

Mentors feedback
YEP Community
Founder Talks
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This program is for you if…


You have a startup at the idea or pre-MVP stage

... but you want to reach the next one faster — market, traction, investments. We will help you to figure out where to go!


You want to systematize your work

You've been working on a startup for a while and know something about different programs, but a few pieces are missing from the big picture.


You need professional support

Here you can get mentoring feedback, contacts with partners and founders, and will receive a structured roadmap.

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YEP experts and mentors have experience working in and with startups around the world and expertise in various industries.

Founders that chose YEP

The theory of Customer Development and LEAN Startup helped a lot. By constantly keeping in mind that you need to show the product as soon as possible, you can remove unnecessary details and focus on the main aspects to validate the development. 

You understand the potential questions from the funds better, and even a simple calculation of the market makes it clear whether the project has the potential to become a venture startup.


Kostianyn Yeishkin

Founder & CEO StanPass


Additional opportunities

We are building a global network of partners to provide more opportunities for YEP resident startups to develop — investments, discounts, tools, and networking!

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Do you have any questions?

Can't find the answer you're looking for? Please contact our team.

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