YEP! Pre-acceleration

Get ready for the first investment!

Get ready for the first investment!
Apply for the 10-week online pre-acceleration program

YEP Pre-acceleration program is targeted to early-stage startup founders who want to boost their ideas and get prepared for the first investments. The Pre-acceleration program is an 10-week online program that helps entrepreneurs to dig into the startup world safely. You will understand how the startup ecosystem is functioning, develop your business model and product, figure out how to work with your team, customers, and future investors. In 10 weeks, you will draw up a solid plan of how to develop your startup step by step, prepare all conceptual documentation, learn more about sales and marketing, pitch, and design a structured presentation of your product suitable for investors all over the world.

We do not guarantee an investment, but we will prepare you to the first meetup with the investors and boost your confidence about your product.

We do not take any equity. The participation is free of charge.
YEP Pre-acceleration program is supported by the USAID Competitive Economy Program in Ukraine.

for the 10 weeks online pre-accelerator program


Introduction to the
startup ecosystem

Business Model
and CustDev

Marketing and
Competitive analysis

Metrics, Business
negotiations and

Sales B2C
and B2B

MVP. Prototype.
UI/UX design

Venture capital

Pitch deck.

Bootcamp Schedule

Apply if:

    • you are working on your early-stage startup no longer than 1 year
    • you have at least two people in your team
    • you have a solid idea or a draft version of MVP or a market research
    • startup area, your age, experience, and your location doesn’t matter
      The most important is your persistence and desire to work on the product.


YEP is an NGO organization that builds the startup ecosystem in Eastern Europe. We help young startups to get stronger and to enter the market as full-fledged players. We are a community of entrepreneurs, industry experts, educators, founders, that help each other. We believe that entrepreneurial experience is essential for young people’s future.


3 years of experience

100+ startups

1500 program participants


Stories of our residents


Elomia: A virtual friend that helps to solve real-life problems, find yourself, or easily relax. Designed to care about you and deal with stress, sadness, and loneliness. Available in Messenger 24/7.




Camtouch is a unique device that allows you to turn any surface into an interactive one and control it with styluses.


Andriy Manuilov, CEO of IOON: “At YEP, we have learned about how to pitch a startup, develop a business model, and met tones of incredible people.”
IOON: A portable device that turns ordinary water into an antiseptic.

before July 3 to get ready for the first investment in 10 weeks!


Аndrii Zaikin

Founder & CEO of Yep!

Serhii Martynchuk

Country Manager in Cisco

Denis Zernyshkin

CEO of

Olexandr Lyashenko

Chief Information Officer in OKKO GROUP

Andrew Sorohan

Venture Lead at Western NIS Enterprise Fund


Mathias Eklof

Founder & CEO of Yell

Dmytro Gadomsky

CEO Axon Partners


Valeriia Holierova

CINO at Yep!

Oksana Kochkodan

Partner at Axon Partners

Anastasiia Ovcharenko

Employer Brand Manager at Genesis

Vadim Synzherytskyi

Co-founder & CEO of BUKI

Andrii Anisimov

Head of Acceleration Program at Yep!

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for the 10 weeks online pre-accelerator program