The main aims of the program are to provide its residents with individual mentoring and to help teams to reach a new level in developing their products and companies by using different tools.

Our acceleration program has no deadlines. It is up to the project and its needs. During the program residents will have hours of individual mentoring, lectures, workshops and a lot of other activities. Moreover, they are allowed to use different resources for creation and implementation their products for free. Working on a project with the help of experts and mentors will also help to pay attention to various aspects and details.



Remember the last time you had to choose somebody a gift. Tough choice? Takes time? No idea, how to impress and pick a gift the exact person will fall in love with? We understand that the task of choosing a gift is quite a problem. That's why we created a Telegram bot, that helps to choose gifts that will for sure be liked by a gift-receiver. GiftBot - will choose the right gift!
FriendlyFood - it is the chat bot, which allows its users to gift their friends meal from different cafes and restaurant chains, which they can get any convenient time.

Soil Lines

Soil Lines - portable laser analyzer for soils that provides information about the chemical composition of the soil.
Wi-Fino is the web-platform that allows to expand the capabilities of Wi-Fi network, cover the cost of its maintenance and purchase an additional source of passive income.
We are designing complex electric drive system, which can be mounted in almost any vehicle, from city-car up to long-range truck. This system will convert your auto into hybrid electric vehicle, so you will be able to use both fossil fuel and electricity to drive your car.


Fonetify is a web browser extension to prevent non-natives from forming bad English pronunciation habits subconsciously when they read text online.
See another world: let's help kids to be creators. Creation of unique prints, based on the works of children with special needs, and selling them on various products.